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Here at Messapps, apart from praising good app design when we see it, and shaking our heads when a prominent brand or startup has dumped their resources into a discombobulated mess of an application, we know Apple. Even though our abilities have branched out to Android, cross-platform, and web projects, our roots are deep in iOS.

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No Fear of Rejection

The people over at Apple are a stringent bunch. They have no problem rejecting an app that does not meet the principles outlined in the iOS Human Interface Design Guidelines. Two of the top 5 reasons why an app would get rejected from the iOS app store include: poor UI, and bad UX.


We Know Our Stuff

Per our roots as an iOS app design company, our team of exceptionally bright designers were practically birthed from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Without adhering to Apple’s themes of clarity, obedience, and depth, defined below, it’s almost impossible to get featured in the marketplace.

iOS design

Throughout the app, everything is legible, clean, symmetrical, and organized. Each function serves a purpose, and each function is easy to navigate to and from. There should be no ambiguities regarding app functionality. Use of space, color, graphics, and interface elements help stage important content.

Interface that submits not fights back. Gradients, intense shadowing, and framing, 9 times out of 10, distract the user from what’s important.

Visual layers give the application a realistic motion. Touch gestures add to interactivity turning the screen into a command center.

Our iOS app design portfolio

We are a full service app development company. A projects life-cycle encompasses all steps from designing and building to the testing and maintenance of the app. Our development process makes use of advanced, proven technologies and tools that play a significant role in building the quality of our apps.

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Wanted to start running but
couldn't force yourself? Try



We are fascinated by ability to
save our environment. Reefill
does exactly this.

Ground Central

Ground Central

Our goal was to cut waiting time,
so people could enjoy their
favorite drink faster.



Cakemix is a great fitness app
with beat-based playlists.

iOS app
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User flow creation

User flow

Project architecture development

Project architecture

User experience (UX) wireframing

User experience
(UX) wireframing

iOS 12 - iOS 10.3

User interface
(UI) design

Even the most groundbreaking app ideas need careful planning and strategy implementation. Together with you we’ll jump into your industry, brainstorm and mind map your idea to develop it into a one of a kind app.

Award-winning iOS app


Other app development companies may not be so familiar with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. And sometimes their apps make it onto the store by just the skin of their teeth. You may be thinking, “it’s fine, I’m on the market,” however, this mentality comes with a hidden cost. Strict adherence to the guidelines benefits metrics such as user retention and customer satisfaction. Following what Apple deems as tried and true instills a sense of comfort in users who are familiar with the look and feel of a successful application.

Industries we serve

The iOS app store is prime real estate for those who want to take their business to the next level. As you’ve been informed, finding a spot on the store may not be as easy as you had initially thought. But there is no need to fret, our iphone app design team will make sure that Apple welcomes your product with open arms.


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"The team acted in accordance with the highest professional standards."

"They really care about the actual project and not just the technical objectives."

"Their responsiveness is hands down the most impressive thing about them."

"They had a functional shell application up and running within weeks!"

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