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Reefill provides access to the most important resource on earth, water. With water stations spread across New York City you are welcome to come quench your thirst using your phone as the key.
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You know that feeling when reality doesn’t meet expectation? Lit measures live ratings and stats for bars and restaurants making sure your night will not fall short of being special.
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There is nothing quite like reminiscing about the past with friends, which is why Throwback was created to allow users to share their favorite memories with each other via posted content. Through photo, video, and poll posts, users interact on a dynamic feed, playing upon the notion of short and long term memories.


TradeMade is an easy, fun & mindful trade & barter app, where users can trade items & services, in any combination, all while helping the environment. In short, it’s a way for you to get value out of your stuff and your many talents, all the while you are helping to reduce waste and your carbon footprint.
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Explore your own city and find hidden gems where you’ll eat awesome meals in great company. First, pick a restaurant you like by checking its reviews and photos. Second, see who else wants to go the same restaurant, invite them and chat to figure out best time and date.
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Tell the app which movies you’ve seen and Flickle finds you new ones that you’ll adore. Each new swipe provides you a new movie that you’ll enjoy. The more you use Flickle, the more precise the suggestions get!
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College push

College Push supports and guides high school students (and their parents) through the college planning, selection, and application processes. College Push allows you to have all your personal college planning data in the palm of your hand, offering daily notifications which include instructional exercises, tasks, and opportunities to explore colleges and the U.S. of higher education system.
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Solve the saying

Simple rebus app that reached top 50 free apps on the app store in less than a week. The app shows you an image based riddle and you need to guess what word is hidden on that image. Don’t forget to use powerups to get the correct answer faster!


Easily get matched, chat and meet with college students using Unimash! The best way to connect with college students for dating or just a fun night. Start flirting with singles from your college now!