Wanted to start running but couldn't force yourself?
Try Runon. The only app that will transfer you into
a virtual world of beasts, zombies and galactic stories
and make you run for your life.
Halsa.Life is an opportunity to create
an intuitive platform that connects
app users to doctors in order
to provide direct medical advice.
We all get bored in the office from time to time,
right? That's exactly why we wanted to make our office
downtime more exciting. Playing darts in AR with
your office buddies is the next best thing!
As app developers we are fueled by coffee.
Together with Ground Central we made enjoying
our favorite drink even better by helping them
cut wait times in stores and increase user loyalty.
Reefill provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly
alternative to bottled water. Using the app,
members find the nearest station, unlock it,
and fill their bottle in seconds.
The idea behind Cakemix app is to improve
your running & workout experience by creating
music playlists with custom BPM ranges.
Vola is designed to solve two important problems:
low credit score and, well, low bank balance.
After adding your information and a bank account
you can get cash to your account in just a few taps.
The application also features an extensive content
library that can help you improve your credit score
and earn more money
We proud to introduce our new project for very
talented and humble person, UFC fighter - Zabit