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Strategy and Growth Planning

As a mobile app development company we know that even the most groundbreaking ideas need careful planning and strategy implementation. Together, we’ll jump into your industry, brainstorm and mind map your idea to develop it into a one of a kind app.

Wireframes and User Experience

There is nothing more important than laying a proper foundation. At the first stage of Android or iOS app development, we create detailed wireframes and outline every function of the entire mobile application.

Mobile app development strategy and growth planning

Design and Branding

Unique and beautiful design is what makes a mobile application successful. Our designers live and breathe this motto. That’s why in each app we create, we implement the best and the latest design trends that will make your app stand out.

The Guide

At the end of the design stage, we will present to you the guide. The guide is a blueprint of your app, a treasure map of sorts, that contains full explanations of everything from the style and design to each feature of the app. Whether it’s an ios app development or an android app development project the guide sets it up for success.

Mobile application design and app branding

Agile Development

Development is not just about coding. We match the best technology with iOS and Android platforms, we build the architecture of the app, and only then we code. Our app developers make sure that the final product is flawless – whether it is for an iPhone, Android, Watch or even a TV.

Result Driven Marketing

Creating an app is only the first step to success. Marketing is key to getting to the top of the rankings. We offer a wide range of promotional services that include app store optimization, app website creation, app video previews, user acquisition and much more!

Agile mobile development

Highlights from recent projects


There is nothing quite like reminiscing about the past with friends, which is why Throwback was created to allow users to share their favorite memories with each other via posted content. Through photo, video, and poll posts, users interact on a dynamic feed, playing upon the notion of short and long term memories.


You know that feeling when reality doesn’t meet expectations? Lit measures live ratings and stats for bars and restaurants, ensuring your night will not fall short of being special.


Reefill provides access to the most important resource on earth: water. With water stations spread across New York City, you are welcome to come quench your thirst using your phone as the key.

Throwback iPhone AppLit iPhone AppReefill iPhone App

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