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Idea Validation


With around 3.8 million applications being available to Android users and upwards of 2 million on the Apple App Store, you don’t want your app to be taken as just another weed in a garden. And that’s why we, as your mobile app consulting agency here, to nurture your brainchild into a delectable fruit-bearing tree for many to enjoy.

With upwards of 7 billion unique individuals worldwide, pinpointing your target market may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, here at Messapps, we have enough market research, compiling myriad amounts data everytime we complete a project, that could consider us a dating service, matching your application to its target audience.

Platform Selection

Nowadays, 99.6% of all smartphone apps run on either iOS or Android. The two basis’s businesses build apps on is: using them as a channel to raise brand awareness, or the app being the business in itself. It’s important to distinguish between these two as what you choose could either save you money or trouble.

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There are two ways you can go
There are two ways one could go about developing an app: native or cross-platform. These two methods vary in programming language and will play a significant role in how the app will be received on each platform.

Cross-platform applications
You can choose to develop in such a way where one app would work across both platforms, known as cross-platform. This would initially save you time, money, and grant you broader market reach; however, due to the nature of cross-platform, the app may hiccup at times and run into performance issues.

Native applications
Each methodology has its pros and cons. Developing an application specific to a platform, or natively, will ensure peak performance and usability. However, it will only have the ability to run on either Android or iOS depending on the platform you have chosen to develop for.

We can help you decide
At our mobile app consulting agency, we assess your idea, taking into account factors such as complexity, size and location of your target market, and budget to determine which methodology would work best for you.

User Retention


Retention is the level of engagement a user has with your application over time. Essentially it’s how much time they spend taking advantage of the app’s functions over the length of an average user lifecycle. When calculating retention, you measure how frequently your users come back for more after installation.

75% of users uninstall a newly downloaded application within 90 days. With 2 million apps on the Apple app store alone, when engagement has climaxed, due to the sheer size of the market, a user may not be wary to give the next new thing a go.

At our company, consultants will walk you through both innovate and tried and true methods for keeping users hooked.

App Monetization

Monetization can be described as: the way a user invests into an app.

application consulting

Depending on the category of app, the market, and the chosen platform, our team of consultants will determine the most effective way in getting your users to invest. Based on our research, we decide whether it is best to keep your app free and implement strategies such as: in-app ads, purchasable additional features known as the freemium model, in-app purchases, subscription, or attaching a cost to downloading the app.

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