"The app world is a mad game. With millions of apps in the App Store, how do you ensure that yours is the one that steals the thunder? There are three components to it: a good idea, solid execution, and aggressive promotion. Our team will work with you during all of those stages to make sure you succeed. It's not just work for us. Creating successful apps is what we live for and what we absolutely love doing. Scroll down to learn more about our values and the team that will work on your project."

- Vasily Malyshev, CEO

Messapps team
Values we believe in

The best work is done when everyone works together. Whether it’s an opinion of a designer, developer or our client - the more we know & consider the better the product will be.

Have fun
Hey, we live once. Doesn’t make sense to suffer at work. You got to love what you do and have fun doing it.

Don’t just be good. Be the best.
Being “good enough” doesn’t get you anywhere in life. We came here because we want to be the best. Through passion and hard work we’re grinding our way to the top and you should too.

Trust and respect
No team can be build without trust and respect. It’s important to always respect each other, even when opinions are different, and be able to trust that your teammate will do the right thing.

Know your shit
The tone is no mistake. If you come to work you got to know what you’re doing and do it right. Learn, grow and improve your skills constantly.

Focus on the solution
No matter how hard the task may seem always focus on finding a solution. Don’t say something is impossible and focus on solving a problem at hand instead of finding reasons why it can’t be done.

We receive awards

We are app development company that
wins awards.

Top App Development Company, USA
Top App Developers, World
Top App Developers, New York
Top App Developers, NYC
Top App Development Companies
Best Mobile App Design Agency
Excellence in Mobile App Design
Top App Development Companies

We contribute

We’re always looking for an opportunity
to contribute to the community we are in.

NYU Contest

At Messapps we put a lot of emphasis on education. From helping our clients understand the business to constantly learning new tools and strategies ourselves. To share our expertise further we have built an amazing partnership with New York University where we teach year-round, organize contest for the best app idea and work with students and professors to bring their ideas to life.

Project clean streets

We live in the best city on earth. Yet, it is also one of the dirtiest. Instead of complaining about government, people, this and that, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and organized Clean Street Project - privately sponsored cleaning of streets in New York.

How We Work

User flow creation


Project architecture development


User experience (UX) design


iPhone app development stage


Mobile app testing


App Launch


Our story

As with many startups, our story began with a
spotted opportunity.

Why we love it

In 2010, our founder, Vasily, couldn't find time to prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This test was the only thing standing in front of his goal of becoming a lawyer. Yet, with an internship during the day in one city and classes in the evening, in another - it was pretty hard to find the time or even a place to prepare for the exam.

Then, one day, sitting on the train he thought: "If only there was something on my phone that would help me study for the LSAT". Back then there was nothing. So Vasily went ahead and built one of the first and certainly the most comprehensive LSAT apps in the market at that time. It was the #1 paid LSAT app for over a year.

Messapps - an app development company that focusses on creating successful profitable apps. After the success of the first application, Vasily moved on to building more educational apps for other exams such as SAT, GMAT, MCAT, and others.

With time, it becomes apparent that there is more to this industry than just building apps for different tests. More and more people around started asking how they can build an app, what they need to know, how to make it successful. That lead to creating Messapps.


Build your Dream with Messapps

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Despite an analytical approach to building software, we know that for many of our clients their app is their "baby". They put their heart and soul into it and want to make sure that it becomes the "next big thing". That's why at Messapps we say that we don't just develop apps. We build dreams. We know what's at stake for you. We know that every dollar counts, the best timeline is the one that ended yesterday and that there is no margin for error. We know it because we've been there. And we'll do everything we can to make your product the best it can be.


What our clients say

"The team acted in accordance with the highest professional standards."

"They really care about the actual project and not just the technical objectives."

"Their responsiveness is hands down the most impressive thing about them."

"They had a functional shell application up and running within weeks!"

Make Your
Dream a Reality
At Messapps, we don’t just develop apps.
We build dreams. Let’s build yours!

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