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As leading app developers and business consultants, we’re always keen to help new entertainment startups get off the ground.

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What’s more, apps are prized for their accessibility, meaning media and entertainment becomes accessible to young people, business people, and anyone who is constantly on the go. All of these factors have contributed to a remarkable level of growth, and the opening of plenty of opportunities in which we as app developers can really have a chance to shine.


Media and entertainment is an industry which is enjoying unprecedented market growth, levels of engagement, and client loyalty right now. Whether it’s music, fashion, gaming, or videos, each and every one has the potential to make serious profit if presented in a viable app solution for the market. Apps are a new platform on which to feature such content, and they’re leading the industry in the way users interact with the media they enjoy.


Startups and new businesses are unique when it comes to their practices and internal structures. That’s why our app development company follows three clear principles when working with our valued startup clients.

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If you take a look on the App Store right now, you’ll find that all the leading entertainment apps have been made by professionals. With our extensive experience and skills in iPhone app development, and knowledge of social media messaging, video apps, entertainment portals, and much, much more besides, we’re confident we have the solutions you need.

Half the better comes down to effective and professional UI. Our app developers have been creating native apps for Android and iOS for years, and have their sights set firmly on the future when it comes to new entertainment app development.

How to Benefit from Entertainment App

Entertainment App - AR darts
  • Greater target audience and branding opportunities. Reach out to a vast array of users, and increase brand awareness and promote your business with a custom app.
  • Tailor-made interactive UI/UX is vital. The way in which the user interacts with your software has a significant impact in regards to client satisfaction and loyalty, and will determine the numbers of users both new and returning.

  • Promote your business. You’ll be able to directly broadcast info to your users, and keep them engaged with updates and push notifications. Bring social media into the fold, and you’ll be able to get the likes, shares, and comments you need to reach even further.
  • Functionality and performance – getting the best results, with the minimum of effort. Once you’ve gained an insight into your target audience, you’ll be able tailor the app to suit their needs, and provide them with the ultimate experience. From event updates to news alerts, everything will be at their fingertips!

  • Custom features and integration. Engage your users with tailor-made features, like maps, event planners, and QR scanning tools, too.

Our App Development Process

User flow creation


Project architecture development


User experience (UX) design


iPhone app development stage


Mobile app testing


App Launch


Our Entertainment App Development Solutions

Over the years, we’ve provided quality solutions for a wide range of media and entertainment clients, and have helped them integrate video, audio, and live streaming into custom-made apps.

From musical to social apps, we’ve hit the sweet spot time and time again, and have brought innovative features like streaming and live chats into our

solutions. We’re passionate about app development, and entertainment and media apps really give us a chance to flex our creative muscles and shine.

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“The team acted in accordance with the highest professional standards.”

“Their responsiveness is hands down the most impressive thing about them.”

“They really care about the actual project and not just the technical objectives.”

“They had a functional shell application up and running within weeks!”

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