UX or UI: what’s more important in app development

ux ui design process in app development

It’s a tricky question! Well-designed apps are the ones that customers enjoy using, and that is a shared responsibility of UX & UI 🙂

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are like siblings of the app design process – they’re interconnected but each has its own unique areas of expertise. While UX focuses on user interactions with the product, UI is all about the product’s look and feel. 

Both are crucial, and we won’t be choosing one over the other in this blog but we will highlight the importance of each.

UX vs. UI Design: The Definitions

User experience design looks after all aspects of the user interactions with the product. UX’s job is to create products that are easy and enjoyable to use – so both functional and user-friendly.

To do this, UX designers need to understand not only design but also human behavior and psychology. That’s why they often conduct user research, interviews and testing – to understand the target audience, their needs and wants.

User experience’s main focus is on the following:

Usability: is it easy and efficient to use?

Function: can you accomplish your intended goals?

Value: is it important, or useful?

Impression: is it delightful to use?

User interface design, on the other hand, focuses on everything visual from color palettes and typography to the overall layout and aesthetic.

UI incorporates aesthetics and usability to make products visually appealing and enjoyable to use, reduce cognitive load, and establish consistency within the visual elements of the product.

It’s ironic, though, that even though UI is all about what you can see and how you interact with a product, it is practically invisible when executed well: every icon, link button, and graphic element works together to smoothly lead users to their final action destination. From the user’s perspective, it just works.

UX vs. UI Design Importance

Is one more important than the other in an app development process? No. Both, UI and UX are highly needed in the app development process and there are several reasons why:

  • Conversion rates increase

A well-done UI & UX design makes sure customers are not yawning looking at slow-loading windows or scratching their heads with confusing layouts. It also promotes more sales: a clean interface designed to keep the users engaged through the sales funnel has a positive impact on the conversion rate.

Users need to feel that the app they’re using benefits them and makes their lives easier. If they are dissatisfied because the app is fast enough or can’t figure out how to use it, they will delete it instantly. Harsh truth of the 21st century.

  • Customer trust

Most of the apps are built to have a better connection with the users, which often involves collecting user personal data. And here UX becomes super important. Users are more likely to trust a well-designed app with smooth interactions. Poor user experience and user interface make the app seem unprofessional and untrustworthy.

  • App usage and organic growth

A well-done app design attracts users, engages them and invites them to come back. Good UX & UI promote more meaningful interactions, higher usage time and boost organic referrals. We all find ourselves pushing an app we love on our friends, don’t we? 🙂

  • Long run time and cost savings

Applying user experience and user interface design practices from day 1, guarantees less need for app maintenance and updates. Properly executed user research, testing and design will also ensure a higher user satisfaction and a lower load on your support and development teams. 

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  • Building a user-brand connection

UX & UI establish credibility, trust and connection with the brand that “gets it”. Building a positive user experience with your app is an investment in the customer LTV, loyalty and organic growth through referral.

So, as we said, both, user experience and user interface design are highly important in the app development process. Good UX and UI increase the app’s value, build brand trust and loyalty, help you save costs on app updates and process changes, have a positive impact on the bottom line and promote app usage. There’s literally no reason not to invest in good UI & UX!

At Messapps, we are crazy about UX & UI. Want to get your app developed with all the UI & UX benefits in mind? Get in touch!