10 Apps To Improve Your Business

Apps that let you help your business develop

Is your business struggling getting things done? It may be due to a lack of automation. You are too busy to handle numerous issues connected with accounting, communication, planning, employee management. And you, as the business owner, you’ve got your personal life too, don’t you? 

That is why, in 2019, it is tremendously hard to organize your job and projects without some small elves that are incorporated into your smartphone or laptop. These are (magically) called apps.

Messapps comes with a list of apps that help us on an everyday basis and could also help you make your business car much faster.

The number one app for online teamwide communication. You must have been tired of incredibly long and heavy email threads that hide most of the critical information you could be sending over to your colleagues and workers. That is something that would never happen in Slack since you can choose a plan that allows you to save all of your messaging and even include a 1TB cloud space for each member of your team.

If you still believe that email communication is essential and vital for your business, then this app is for you. GMelius lets you incorporate GMail into your daily work life — it can integrate any email you receive into a Kanban board that is no different from any other task tracker (like Trello or Jira). It can also ensure the safety of your emails with the help of a blockchain-powered architecture.

With TalkDesk, you can be sure about your customer support because this cloud-based contact center is making the life of your call center managers 20x times easier. With multiple CRM integrations, it can also connect to Slack, ZenDesk, and Salesforce, which means that you will get an outstanding customer experience. Your managers will be able to see the history of every single client that tries to contact you via phone and/or messengers.

Wrike is the perfect tool for any sprint-based business. You can easily assign tasks to the members of your team and see how well they are doing within a sprint. You can segment your projects into spaces, and your team’s access to these can be limited. Wrike is integrated with an incredible number of apps, either messenger, just as Slack we mentioned above, or Hubstaff, a cool time-tracking tool for your workers or freelancers who have to work from home.

Trello will be an excellent planning tool for your business if you are not directly connected to app development (use Wrike if you are). Trello uses the Kanban project management system, which means that you have to assign tasks to different team members on various “boards”, which can be related to projects or issues. Trello is also integrated with Slack and a bunch of other tools that you would use to automate your business.

One of the most powerful CRM systems on the app market, Salesforce includes such services as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, IoT Cloud, App Cloud, Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Force.com, and Chatter. All of these create a network that lets you stay connected to your customers wherever they are.

Have you ever hired a person that is not directly working at your office? Maybe he or she needs a relocation, but you want to begin the onboarding process. Or perhaps your client is far away from you and you will only meet in person once or twice — here is where DocuSign comes to help. It lets you sign any kind of PDF and other documents with just a click. You can install DocuSign on your smartphone or your laptop as an add-on to your browser.

With Evernote, you can create numerous notes on any of your devices. You can add to-dos, photos, scans, and other documents from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet — it will all sync into one single account.

At Messapps, we use Airtable as a database and a project tracker. On the web, projects are presented in spreadsheets and on mobile, these are looking like beautiful mobile cards. With this app, you can manage any aspect of your personal or work-related life, from planning a vacation to track the sales leads.

Last, but not least, with this incredible app, Messapps has automated so many processes you can’t even imagine. Zapier creates connections between apps that would not be typically connected. One good example is that with Zapier, any attachment in a new Gmail letter you get in your inbox will be sent over to Dropbox, and you will also get a notification in Slack.
Overall, with the help of these apps, our business is up & running. And yes, we are running quite fast, with a speed that would not be possible without such automation. There are thousands of apps on the market, and it is quite hard to choose one for you and your team.

At the same time, you may have a different view on your business processes than owners of any of the developed apps above. If so, feel free to contact Messapps, and we will create the best possible app for your business.