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At Messapps we highly believe in education. We want our clients to not only have the best product on the market. We want our clients to be the best appreneurs too. And if you don’t constantly learn and grow you’ll never be the best. So in this article, we’ve combined some of the resources that our team constantly follows to stay on top of what is happening in the industry and become better in app design, development and marketing.

  1. InVision

InVision is an amazing blog that created lots of tools that dominate the design industry. They have started with prototyping platform, added task management and communication to it, and as of January 2018 have their very own design and animation tool. No wonder such great company has an amazing blog. If you are serious about creating an app (or any other software product for that matter) the chances are you’ll stumble on their website anyway. But in case you missed them here you go. A great blog about design, user experience, development and lots of other articles by lead thinkers and CEOs of many companies.

  1. Marvel

InVision’s long time competitors Marvel has an amazing blog of their own. They focus mostly on design but have lots of other interesting topics. From recent favorites they have published a great UI crash course and Storytelling principles. Marvel writes great posts and often you can see some great industry minds share their wisdom their too.

  1. Wireframes

The vast majority of software products start with wireframes. Wireframes are essentially black & white mockups of the main app screens and user stories. If you’re feeling lost right now and have clue what am I talking about good thing there is an entire blog devoted to just wireframes.

  1. iOSDevWeekly

We gave a blog on wireframes, couple of great blogs focused on design and now it’s time for one of the best development blogs. If you are an app developer or would like to become one sign up to iOS Dev Weekly right away. Great development tips, tools and articles to improve your coding skills!

  1. Boxes and Arrows

What can be more important than wireframing, design and development? The psychology behind it. Boxes and Arrows tackles user psychology in a unique and interesting way. One of the recent favorites is an article: “It’s a Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s a User Champion

  1. AppFutura

App Futura has been focusing on creating great content for several years and I think they are really at their prime right now. They post daily articles and most of them targeted at how to create a successful app. What else do you need? Subscribe! 🙂

  1. Hubstaff

More and more people are switching to remote work and prefer to hire agency, like yours truly, instead of spending millions on building their own design and development teams. Hubstaff is one of the pioneers in the remote work field and their blog has some great resources that will help you be more productive when working with your remote team. Wanna learn how to manage outside teams? Read on!

  1. Founders Grid

Building an app means building a business. A software product, though doesn’t require physical space to put pastries on, is a very serious business and for some reason a lot of people forget that. Hence, remember to brush up on your business skills and be on top of recent startup and business news. Founders Grid will help you do exactly that!

  1. Growth Hacking Digest

If you’re starting a business (and I mean any business: coffee shop to VR headset) you will have one enormous pain point: sales. Many follow the old principle of “Build it and they will come”. Will, guess what? They won’t! You need to invest a lot of time and often money into sales and marketing to get off the ground. If you want to stay ahead of the game and get best marketing tips then sign up for Growth Hacking Digest.

  1. Messapps Blog

Ok, maybe it’s not kosher to include our own blog. But we truly put our heart and soul into everything we do and strongly believe that only through education can you become successful. In our blog you’ll find lots of materials about what you need to do to create a successful app. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and we’ll try to respond as soon as possible!