9 Best Resources to Learn More about App Marketing

top app marketing tools

Whether you’re just beginning to market your app, or you simply want a refresher on app store optimization and app development, online resources can sometimes be the best way to get publicity information and advice. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best app marketing resources on the web.

  1. Stefan Bielau’s blog on app store optimization is made up of opinions and tips, as well as reviews and case studies on the topic.
  2. Mobile app development company Arkenea has an excellent blog with startup advice, success stories, reviews and tips all meant to provide inspiration for app development and design.
  3. Apptweak’s blog is a great mix of fun lists and advice pieces on app marketing, publicity and app store optimization.
  4. App Business Podcast publishes interviews and stories of developers or those involved in the mobile app industry.
  5. Messapps’s blog on app design and development, marketing and startups.
  6. The App Store Playbook is an excellent resource for learning about app development from the success stories of 10 iPhone App Developers.
  7. Pitch Perfect is another great book resource with instructions and how-to’s on developing an app and successfully promoting it on the internet.
  8. Smashing Magazine’s piece on how to market your mobile app gives great advice and pointers on what to do (and what not to do!)
  9. Stay tuned for more advice and discussion on startups, apps and marketing.