The Importance of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

The Apple App store offers more than 1 million apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in 155 countries around the world. Moreover, there are 950,000 applications available for download on Google Play. There is no denying the high level of competition in the app world. Therefore marketing is vital for the launch of any application; from promotion content for downloads to marketing strategy to keep users active. Research shows that marketing is the one factor that gives a return proportional to the amount you invest. Thus, the more you market, the more revenue you’ll collect. Applications with effective brand marketing become more recognizable and penetrate further into the social networks of users. App promotion fuels the launch of your new app and accelerates the growth and popularity of the app.

Some mobile app marketing strategies that are taking the lead are by Starbucks, Diesel and Macy’s. Starbucks has now created an option for their customers to pay for their beverage or food using their phones. This incentive driven marketing strategy is successful because people recognize the convenience in paying for their Starbucks with their phones, to collect points, because the average Starbucks customer visits a Starbucks branch at least a couple times a week. This therefore means that a large proportion of Starbucks customers will download their app to access this mobile payment service. Diesel and Macy’s are using QR codes on their products to encourage customers to look up details of their products instantly online. QR codes have a scavenger-hunt-like quality and enhance the physical shopping experience. In the same way, customers are encouraged to download the apps by the respective companies. Using mobile applications to link the physical store experience with virtual resources is the consistent theme in these strategies. In this respect, entrepreneurs should consider investing in developing an app in order to bridge the gap between their physical business or store with their virtual online presence. Marketing your app has a spill over effect of marketing for your business as a whole.

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