Hello, Appreneurs!

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  • Similarly to many entrepreneurs, Messapps was born out of a personal need to solve a problem;
  • As of today, we’ve been consistently ranked as one of the top app development companies in the industry;
  • Our apps have been featured by most major media including Techcrunch, Mashable, Guardian, Vanity fair, and others;
  • We have a large partnership with New York University where we teach throughout the year and run a contest for the best app idea.

Hello, fellow Appreneurs!

Most likely you are reading this article because you have recently contacted Messapps about developing an app. If this is so then you should soon receive a reply from me, Messapps CEO – Vasily, or one of our amazing project managers.

Until then, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about Messapps.

How Messapps was born

Before going into the app business in 2010 I was on my way to becoming a lawyer specializing in international corporate law. However, when I had to study for the LSAT (law school admission test) I didn’t have much free time. I had an internship during the day and classes in the evening. Spending time in between on the train I couldn’t find time or place to open those huge books and prepare for the exam.

So one day, standing on the train, I thought:

“If only I had something on my phone that would help me study.”

Back then there was nothing. And there, in 2011, I’ve assembled our first app development squad and developed “LSAT Triangle” – the most comprehensive LSAT preparation application that remained #1 paid LSAT app for over two years. After the LSAT app, we’ve developed several other educational apps for exams such as GMAT, SAT, TORFL, etc. About a year later we have started developing apps for others and hence Messapps was born.

I find that roughly half of our clients go through a similar experience. They face a problem and then they realize that they know how to solve it. And an app is the best solution. It is always great to work with those people and see how their eyes light up when they get their first app build.

Messapps awards

How we grew

After moving to our first 4 person office in 2014 today we grew to over 30 people spread around 2 offices. And by today we have quite a few achievements to be proud of:

  1. For the last 3 years, we’ve been consistently ranked as a top app development company in New York by Clutch, AppFutura, IT Firms, Carnival, Goodfirms, The Business of Apps, and others.
  2. We have published over 100 apps for iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear and desktop computers.
  3. Many of the apps we’ve built won numerous startup and IT contests. Recently our client Reefill won Citibank Startup competition.  
  4. Our apps have been featured on all the major media including Techcrunch, Mashable, Guardian, Vanity Fair and others.
  5. We have launched the biggest app contest in the world. More on that below.   

Most importantly, with each app we build, we don’t want to just launch it. We want to create a successful product which means that all of our apps must possess amazing eye-catching design and flawless bug-free development.


At Messapps we put a lot of emphasis on education. This is true on many levels. First of all, our entire team has to follow our structured educational program and spend at least 10 hours each month on lectures, webinars, and workshops. Second, we believe the best app founders are those who have all the resources they need to know the industry very well and make smart informed decisions. Therefore, we always provide materials and resources that help our clients learn more about the app industry.

However, our belief in education doesn’t stop there. That’s why we are the only app development company in the world to teach at a top university – New York University (NYU) – throughout the year and the only company to start an app contest where the winner with the best app idea gets their app developed for free by us.

As part of our partnership with NYU, we have around 10 lectures each year where we teach app business strategy, monetization, prototyping, design, and development. But our partnership doesn’t stop there. Together with NYU, we’ve built the largest app idea contest in the city. All of our participants go through 3 stages in the contest. First, they submit their idea. Up to 50 teams then will be chosen to advance to the next round where they will prepare wireframes for their application. From here 5 teams will be chosen to advance to the finals where judges that include representatives of Messapps, Microsoft, Twitter will select the final winner of the contest. The winner gets their app developed for free. You can learn more about the contest on its website here: http://nyucontest.messapps.com/


We know that for many of our clients developing a software product, an app, means making a dream come true. Becoming an entrepreneur, creating new revenue for your business, or just helping others solve a problem. We know how special it is because we’ve been there. Started our own companies, apps, and projects. And that’s why you can trust that with us you are in good hands.