Why Does Your Fitness Center Need An App?

An app for fitness

Fitness centers and fitness clubs nowadays face a high competition level on the market. These must try to get a competitive difference from each other to acquire more clients, and having a mobile app for the fitness club’s customers is a great advantage.

Most of the people use their smartphones while working out, and you can include your fitness club app into your clients’ digital fitness routine, too. In this article, we will describe several ways that would improve your fitness center, and guess what? All of these need an app:

Attracting new clients

By asking your potential clients to install your app and giving them a discount for, let’s say, the first training, you gain one more channel of contact with them! Do not be scared to use push notifications with the users that haven’t been in touch for a long time — this is a great way to connect to your possible clients.

You can also integrate social media sharing features for existing clients to share their progress with their friends. The more people see this user-generated content, the more free ads your fitness club will get.

What do I have to do with all of this? You should understand that some clients will come, some will go, and your job is to get as many of the newcomers, as possible. It is also incredibly important that attracting new clients needs to be the first task on your list, and having as many communication channels as possible makes the accomplishment of this task easier.

Getting to know your audience

By getting to know your customers, you can define what kind of clients are the most loyal: when do they visit your fitness club, how much time do they spend there. What is more, you can also define whether these are men or women, what is their age, and other demographical characteristics.

What do I have to do with all of this? By having this information, you can target your ads in a more precise way. What is more, you can find out which group classes are the most functional and visited by your clients.

Improving your clients’ gym experience

With a mobile app for your fitness club, you can ensure that your customers have their group classes schedule ready whenever they have their smartphones in hands. They will also have the possibility to book individual training, sign up for a group class, pay for any extra services right from their phones which makes their lives so easier!

What do I have to do with all of this? By showing that you care about your customers through some extra digital services, you increase their loyalty. This means that your fitness club will be on the top of your clients’ list when their annual contract is over.

Finding new sources of income

It is well-known that your fitness club has to have 10x more members than its capacity is to stay profitable. It is not a small number if you are working in a competitive environment, that is why your team has to think of other income sources — and that is where the mobile app comes in!

It is not that hard to develop an online shop for your merchandise and equipment. You can also sell fitness foods and other healthy accessories in your app to generate the highest revenue numbers. What is more, payment methods in a mobile app can be much more convenient (for example, integrating Apple Pay or PayPal ensures these are).

More than half of your gym customers are coming to you because of your gym’s proximity to either their workplace or home. If you record some online classes with the best coaches on your team, you will gain some more clients. Yes, they will only stay with you online, but who forbids you to charge for access to online courses?

What do I have to do with all of this? Generating a higher income is the ultimate goal of any business. Having an additional source for that is something that isn’t bad for your team.

Increasing your outreach (or making it effective!)

It may be hard sometimes to stay connected to your customers — email and social media marketing do not ensure a 100% reachability anymore. It is different with the push notifications, though.

Most of your app users will see the information you will send them over the app news feed. You can tell them whether there will be a schedule change or any kind, or if their contract is coming to an end soon. You may also want to surprise your most loyal customers with bonuses or gifts!

What do I have to do with all of this? It is excellent that your marketing team sends (or plans on sending) an incredible number of messages to your customer database, however, you may see that the “opening” and lead statistics are not the best possible. Try to work with the push notifications — this is an excellent way for you to interact with your customers since the reachability rate will be higher.

Finally, we should once again underline that there is a high level of competition in the fitness and healthcare market.

You and your team must generate the most income, and though creating a mobile app for your fitness club may sound costly at first, its outcomes will be incredible, both in terms of customer loyalty and revenues. Do you want to build an app for your fitness community with Messapps? Contact us via this link or the email you can see in the footer, and we will get your app developed in the shortest time possible!