Top 15 Mobile App Ad Networks and Platforms


There are so many ways to monetize mobile apps, but perhaps the most simple and popular is in-app ads.

If you have already developed an application or you are going to make a new one you're definitely facing the problem of what monetization tool to use. Well, if your choice is an in-app advertising, then this list is for you. We've collected the best 15 mobile app monetization ad-networks and tools just to make your life a bit easier.

Best Mobile Ad Networks

1. AdMob 6. Yahoo 11. Epom Apps
2. Audience Network 7. Verizon Media 12. StartApp
3. Amazon 8. 13. Fyber
4. MoPub 9. Tapjoy 14. IronSource
5. Unity 10. AdColony 15. Appodeal
AdMob by Google

1. AdMob by Google

AdMob is one of the largest global mobile ad networks, a subsidiary of Google. AdMob helps monetize your app with in-app ads and actionable insights. It supports multiple currencies so it allows you to earn money around the world. Like other Google products, AdMob is a great tool that is really easy and intuitive in usage.

Audience Network by Facebook

2. Audience Network by Facebook

Facebook Audience Network will help you to make money with your iOS or Android app. To start earning money you need a mobile app available on the Google Play Store or App Store and Facebook account. As a Google mobile ad network, Facebook Audience Network also works worldwide and supports the do-it-yourself monetization approach so you could easily and fast set up and earn from ads.

amazon ad network

3. The Amazon Mobile Ads API

The Amazon Mobile Ad Network serves ads only to users in the U.S., Germany, France, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. With Amazon Ad Network if you are not eligible for electronic payments, then your payment will be made by check. To use Amazon mobile ad network you are not required to have an app on Amazon Appstore.

MoPub by Twitter

4. MoPub by Twitter

MoPub is also one of the top mobile ad networks for app developers and publishers around the world. MoPub serves four types of ads: Interstitials, Native, Rewarded, and Banners. A network-supported instance gives you access to various bid strategies as Auto CPM, network reporting, and advanced bidding. Besides they provide more efficient troubleshooting and technical support.


5. Unity Ads

Unity Ads is of the most recognized ad monetization solution for mobile game-apps. Also, it's the first that kind of service that optimizes for LTV. Unity supports apps on both platforms Android and iOS. They let you display different types of ads such as AR-ads, banners, playable ads, videos, and others. Unity supports the following currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, KRW, CNY, BRL.

Yahoo App Publishing

6. Yahoo App Publishing

Yahoo App Publishing allows you to get access to thousands of high-quality Yahoo Gemini advertisers. Yahoo serves banner, full-screen, and native ads on your app. The best thing about this service is that with monetization opportunities it gains you access to Flurry Analytics as well.

Verizon Mmedia

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7. Verizon Media

Verizon Media includes brands such as Yahoo, TechCrunch, AOL, Flurry, HuffPost, and many more. Such a powerful brand can provide a great monetization opportunity. They serve over 90 billion daily ad requests, which can significantly increase your revenue. Among other things, their streamlined monetization solution allows you to simplify the management of complex processes in real-time with forecasting tools.

8. is one of the largest advertising companies in the world. It is considered the original creator of the “display to search” format of advertising and always regarded as the best alternative to AdSense. serves contextual, display, and native ads.


9. Tapjoy

One of the first app monetization tools is Tapjoy. It offers Offerwall, Video Interstitial, Rewarded Video, and Playable ad formats. Tapjoy supports iOS and Android platforms as well as Mobile Web. What distinguishes Tapjoy from all other mobile app advertising platforms is that instead of just showing regular app ads, they offer users to get virtual currencies that users can spend to unlock content in the app from publishers.


10. AdColony

AdColony is a mobile app advertising platform built by app developers for app developers. It offers Instant-Play™ HD video, Aurora™ HD Interactive video, and other playable technologies for video advertisements. Thus, it's driving higher engagement in mobile app ads, showing only premium quality advertising content.

Epom Apps

11. Epom Apps

Epom Apps partners with the most known mobile ad networks all over the world, that ensure high demand from advertisers and attractive rates for application developers. Epom also is one of the easiest to use monetization tools – all you need to do is to integrate SDK and Epom Apps will take ad management off you by automating monetization.


12. StartApp

StartApp can help you get high eCPMs and fill rates through their smart targeting and innovative ad units. They serve seven types of ads: Interstitial, Playable, Video, 360 Ads, Virtual Reality, Splash, and MREC Banners. With these various ad types, StartApp helps publishers get the most engaging advertisements.


13. Fyber

Fyber is a next-generation mobile app monetization platform. It is a great tool to monetize mobile games. Fyber combines a million audience of advertisers with smart ad monetization technologies.


14. IronSource

IronSource supports a pretty wide range of mobile platforms as iOS, Android, Adobe Air, Unity. They offer four ad formats: Rewarded video, Interstitial, Banner, Offerwall. Moreover, IronSource has the industry’s largest in-app video network.


15. Appodeal

Appodeal is another great tool to monetize a mobile gaming app. Unlike many other monetization systems, it doesn't have its own ad-network and it works only as a mediation platform. So you only need one account to reach an audience of several sources, plus they maintain an unbiased opinion and put app developer or publisher first trying to maximize your revenue.

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