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What to expect?

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Business Opportunities

With our apps, you can ensure business continues to flow outside of office hours. Your customers will want to get in touch 24/7, and will be coming from all over the world. Realtors and brokers alike can use the app the update data in real time, giving your customers the answers to all their questions, and the chance to check out the latest properties.

Greater Interaction

Salesmanship and face-to-face communication will always be a cornerstone to this industry, and we’re striving to bring that quality to our clients with customised apps. Dynamic, user-friendly, and expressive apps are increasingly popular with real estate customers, and will help you seal the deals that bring ever-greater success.

Heightened Efficiency

The real estate industry requires no shortage of data analysis tools, databases and communication solutions for gaining the edge over the competitors, and keeping clients in the know. We bring all these aspects together in one user-friendly solution.

Deeper Dialogue

Our real estate apps are fantastic for sharing data and opening new channels of communication, meaning your clients’ questions can be addressed with photos, links, up-to-date information, and much more besides.

App will bring you

  • Contact Options: Mobile devices open plenty of doors when it comes to communication. With our iPhone apps, your clientele can choose to either call, message, or email your firm, with just the click of a button.

  • Mortgage Calculators: Our app developers have seen great success with in-app mortgage calculators, which allow customers to easily find properties in their budgets.

  • Interactive Photos and Plans: Your clients will feel as though they’re already in your properties, no matter where in the world they’re browsing from. Create floor plans that your clientele can view with the swipe of a finger, allowing them to feel at home as they move from virtual room to room.

  • Connection Managers: All of your agents will have a dashboard from which they can manage their customer interactions, and they’ll benefit from integrated messaging systems that will track new leads.

  • Geolocation: With the click of a button, your clients can easily navigate where to go via Google or Apple Maps. It will improve usability of your app.

Benefit for property managment
& construction companies

  • Real-time reports on completed operations via mobile devices.
  • The automation of lighting and motion sensors for whole properties.

  • Management of all resident requests for maintenance or repairs.
  • The automation of lighting and motion sensors for whole properties.

  • Controlling expenditures and outgoings for all properties, and calculating ROI for systems and operations.
  • The automation of reports, and failsafe backups of all data.

  • The ability to monitor and control utilities (electricity, gas, water etc) as well as hazards, all integrated into a user-friendly information system.

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Over the years, we’ve provided quality solutions for a wide range of media and entertainment clients, and have helped them integrate video, audio, and live streaming into custom-made apps.

From musical to social apps, we’ve hit the sweet spot time and time again, and have brought innovative features like streaming and live chats into our

solutions. We’re passionate about app development, and entertainment and media apps really give us a chance to flex our creative muscles and shine.

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