Healthcare App Development

Healthcare App Development

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Medical App Development

There is much growth yet to be realized in the healthcare mobile app development sector, or ‘mHealth.’ Apps such as Epocrates have seen repeated use, with 80% of smartphone-using physicians using the app 12 times per week, on average according to Manhattan Research.

Medical android app

Philips, the official tech sponsor of SXSW interactive, compiled the top 10 technology trends at the premier industry conference. Results are as follows:


Wearable technology:

80% of consumers said that they believe Wearable has a huge potential in making healthcare more convenient.

Connected devices:

With monitoring and support over the internet, the reduction to health system repair time would be up to 50%.


7 out of 10 patients would be very comfortable with communicating with providers via text, emails, and video as oppose to in-person visits.

Data Security:

Consumers are more concerned with data security than convenient access to test results and diagnosis.


71% of physicians have adopted Electronic Health Record System.

Custom mHealth Apps:

71% of millennials said that they’d prefer if their doctor employed a mobile app.

Cloud-Based Technology:

The cloud-computing market is estimated to grow at annual rate of 20%.

Population Health Management:

70% of medical apps providers report seeing notable change in patient care such as cost savings and more effective prevention planning, which can be attributed to population mHealth infrastructure.

Medical Android App

What to Expect

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Based on our experience in healthcare app development, our potential is limited by little. If your a practitioner looking to streamline processes, we’ll build an app that’ll simplify examination and treatment. If what you’re looking to build is more client-centric, perhaps giving your patients a tool to track their health, we can develop an app that’ll help them view their results and monitor their health.

Even if your idea is more bold and unconventional, here at Messapps, we love a good challenge. We’re confident that with enough brainstorming, we can make it work.

Solutions and
Benefits of Medical App Development

Task-oriented approach.

Every app has a purpose. We strive to validate that purpose by translating it through the projects we take on. Your app will surely make individual lives more convenient, efficient, healthful, and safe.

First and foremost comes security.

All medical apps we develop comply with strict security standards: touch ID biometric identification, automatic logoff, and encryption, are just some of the ways we ensure patient/physician security.

Seemless integration.

Next comes seamless integration between the software we develop for you and your medical systems. This entails: EHR/EMR, RIS (radiology information system), LIS (laboratory information system), RCM (revenue cycle management), scheduling and any other systems that need be connected.

Some more benefits.

Being able to contact a physician around the clock, interactive video consulting with a physician, and push notifications notifying you of ready results.

These are only examples.

Perhaps you’re envisioning benefits that could potentially shakeup the mHealth industry. We’re interested to hear what your bright mind has come up with. Of course all your ideas are your property. We would never disclose your information to any other party without your permission.

Our Healthcare App Design Portfolio

We are award-winning app development company. Our projects go through all phases from design research to development, testing and launch of the app. Check our awesome portfolio.

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F.A.Q. about
Healthcare App Development

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Which platform should I choose for a mHealth app?

That really depends on your business needs and goals, and your budget. Of course, more platforms can help to cover a larger audience, but do not rush. First, you can build an iOS app and then continue with Android. Also, depending on the project, you can resort to cross-platform development, which can be cheaper and faster in development.

What is your full process?

If you want to, we can sign an NDA before starting discussing your idea. Then, after discussing details and signing a contract, we begin our work. Starting with UX research, our designers create app architecture, wireframes and beautiful design. After that, developers and QA engineers become on stage. When the app is done, our specialists upload it to app stores.

How could the healthcare industry benefit from a mobile app?

Apps have been strongly integrated into our everyday life. According to statistics, more and more people prefer to solve their day-to-day problems using mobile applications. Same stands for the health and wellness industry. For example, instead of visiting hospitals and waiting in endless lines, paying a decent amount of money, you can just contact a doctor you need directly using your smartphone. That approach could help you build a more loyal and thankful client base.

What is the cost of healthcare app development?

Same as other app development services, total cost here depends on the complexity and size of the project, additional third-party APIs, that may have its own cost, quantity of platforms (like iOS, Android, Web-version), etc.

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We value your time
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We understand that time and budget may be an issue. We’re also confident that we’ll be able to tailor a package to your constraints.

Whether you want an MVP (Most Viable Product) version of the app to take to investors, or a full-fledged app that will rattle the industry, we’re here to make turn your vision to a reality.

Here at Messapp’s we take pride in being a healthcare app development company. Whatever that vision may be, we trust that it might save a life someday, so you bet that we’ll build it.

We value your time and budget

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“They had a functional shell application up and running within weeks!”

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