How to Keep Your App Relevant

Keep App Relevant

An average iOS phone is said to have 48 apps downloaded in the United States. This means marketing for your app doesn’t end at the download. Keep your users coming back by keeping your app relevant and up to date with trending themes, features and other attractive app elements.

Understand your consumer audience and look into other apps they may be using and what they are doing. It’s important to know what you are up against but also vital to keep an eye on how other apps are updating their service.

Netflix is a great example of a service that stays relevant for their users. They offer movies appropriate to holiday seasons and feature movies which star celebrities that are trending in the news. Netflix also achieves to make their service relevant to even the individual through their movie rating feature and ‘Top Picks’ selection.

Below are some basic methods of keeping your app up-to-date:

  1. feature content related to trending topics (be smart about what you say on politically sensitive issues!);
  2. theme your app to upcoming seasons/holidays or even important events/dates;
  3. offer special options that relate to seasons/holidays or important events at the time to enhance user experience;
  4. keep app design up to date.

Experts in the field discuss the importance of immediate gratification and results which translates to relevance. They believe relevance is the key to influencing user behavior. For most apps the most important dimensions to understand relevance through is location, user profile and date/time. To keep your app moving to the top, make a deliberate effort to keep your app relevant to users.