Getting Opinions About Your App Idea

App Idea

When it comes to new ideas, apps are no different: you need advice from others. This step is immensely important in ensuring you have a good idea. Once you have a firm grasp on your concept, it’s time to get opinions from others.

It’s important to do this for several reasons. First, you need to make sure that your idea makes sense to other people, and not just you. You must discuss your ideas with others before you even create a mockup.

Second, it is good to have others explore your concept idea and point out any obvious logic gaps in your idea. Even though what you are telling them about is just an idea, it is still likely that someone will notice if you make any assumptions that are too great to be feasible. Filling in the missing pieces early on will save you time and money because you can figure out how to connect your ideas before the jumps are designed and coded into the actual app.

Target market

When choosing who to asses your idea, it is important to get people who are a part of your target audience to make sure that the idea is still applicable to that audience. If there is a trend with people in your target market not being interested in the idea, then you need to reconsider your idea or your target market.


Also include professionals, such as other appreneurs (app entrepreneurs!), people in the tech, mobile, or IT industries, or computer science professors. They can use their expertise to provide helpful, detailed feedback about your idea and the practicality of turning this idea into an app.

Forums and social media

You can consider asking for advice and feedback online, such as on forums or social media. However, before doing this, you must consider the lack of security that comes with being so public. You’ll ask friends and family you trust about your idea, but once you post it to the general public, anyone could potentially take the idea and carry it out as their own.

However, don’t limit yourself to the target audience or professionals during this review. Anyone can analyze your idea regardless of who they are. Users of your app won’t be limited to technology professionals either (unless they’re exclusively your target market!). In fact someone to whom you are not planning on targeting your app can think outside the box and view at it from a different angle, possibly suggesting some useful improvements.

Getting opinions from others can be intimidating, but take this as a time to be open to feedback and constructive criticism – especially because at this point you have the least amount of time and money invested and can easily make changes in order to improve. Your goal with this step is to be able to move on to design and develop the most beautiful, bug-free, user friendly app it can be.