The Mobile Generation

Dominick Wojtas

Many academics and economists are pronouncing the current and upcoming generation to be the Mobile Generation Y. Although we already know the importance of mobile applications, Messapps this week has looked into just how mobile focused our generation and future generations are projected to become. The importance of keeping up with trends and staying accessible to your customer is undeniable, and it seems that the mobile is taking the lead. We can now do anything on our phones from monitor our health, organize our banking and make a reservation at our favorite restaurant.

Mobile phones have become the most primary and personal access points for online engagement. Statistics show that the smart phone penetration in the Generation Y mobile market is 72% – the highest percentage compared to all other generations. Generation Y is on the go, and prioritize convenience. The current click through rate on desktops is 1.3 percent, however, on mobile devices the rate increases to 1.5 percent. Studies show that by 2015 mobile local search volume will surpass desktop searches. By 2016, we are expected to see the difference between the two platforms, mobile and desktop, to significantly increase.

Mobile applications are therefore a vital element to the increasing and booming popularity of smart phones. Mobile applications add to the user experience and broaden opportunities for the user and business owners. Applications have helped business owners achieve their optimal point in the scale of diminishing returns by reducing the amount of people needed, shortening wait time or lines, and better organizing intake information for a more fluid business model.