How Apps Make Event Organizing Easy


Organizing events is all about providing a seamless experience for those attending. Ideally, guests should not have to think about anything other than enjoying the event! If you are looking for a system to help you organize events, there is really only one solution: a smartphone app. Guests will expect all the information about an event to be presented to them in an easy-to-use form, and also that the process of confirming their attendance is automated.

Using an app to organize your event brings many benefits. Not only does this allow you to design marketing materials to encourage guests to attends, but apps can also automate many tasks that would otherwise be very time-consuming. These include sending out invites, responding to RSVPs, and also coordinating feedback after the event.

Let’s take a look at the stages of planning an event, and how using an app can help with each.

Create a Beautiful Event Page

Perhaps the most important factor in encouraging guests to attend your event is making sure that the marketing materials are right. Today, most of us use our smartphones to find events that we might like to attend, and so making a beautiful event page for your event is critical.

The principles of good web design apply equally to designing an event page. You should present all the key information about the event in as concise a form as possible, and keep the design of your page minimal. Thankfully, the limitations imposed by working with a smartphone app mean that this is easy to do.

creating landing page

Your event page should also include a variety of other useful features. There should be an opportunity for potential guests to register their interest, and you can use this information to send reminders to them, or extra information about the event.

The best event organization apps will also provide a wealth of further information. By determining a user’s location, for instance, an app can suggest the best way for them to get to your event, or even to hire suitable clothes.

Send Out Invites

When it comes to sending out invites, apps really show their worth. You can quickly send invites to everyone who has expressed interest in your event, of course, but apps also give you some more sophisticated tools.

Using an app you can, for instance, customize each invite according to the location of each guest, or even simply include their name for an added level of personalization. It is also possible to target invites to particular individuals who may not have heard of your event. Receiving a personalized invite can be a powerful way of encouraging attendance.

If you are running events on a commercial basis, sending out invites also give you an opportunity to do some extra marketing. You can include information about other events in your invitations, or use them to offer other services that guests might find useful.


The process of collecting RSVPs is also greatly simplified using an app. Ideally, your invitation system and RSVP system should be integrated together, so that tracking who is attending your event will be as simple as looking at an automatically generated list.

Encouraging guests to RSVP used to be one of the most frustrating parts of event planning, because many of us simply forget to respond to event invitations. Using an app, however, guests can send an RSVP with just one click. You can even, if necessary, use your app to send reminder notifications to guests who have yet to RSVP.

If you are running events on a commercial basis, asking for RSVPs can also be a source of income. Charging guests to send their RSVP has two main advantages. Firstly, it provides you with funding before an event. Perhaps more important, however, is the fact that if guests have paid to send an RSVP they are far more likely to attend your event.

During the Event

An app can also provide many useful features during the event itself. Most directly, your app will allow you to keep track of the attendance at the event. This can help with immediate concerns, alerting you as to changing demand as the event takes place, but it can also help in planning more long-term marketing and advertising strategies.

During the event, you can also use your app to prompt users to post to social media about it. This can be a very effective form of advertising for future events, and also provides you with plenty of guest-generated marketing materials for the future.

After the event, you can use the same app to ask guests for their feedback. Again, positive feedback can be used to promote future events. Even negative feedback is useful, however, because it can help you to plan future events.

Making Your App Useful

After your event, it is important to make sure that people don’t delete your app! After all the work that you have put into planning your event, inviting people, and then finally delivering it, it can be tempting to take a well-earned break.

open air event

Doing that would be a mistake. You need to keep the people who have downloaded your app engaged with it, in order that you can use the same platform for future events. There is a range of ways you can do this.
Immediately after the event, you can post pictures of it to social media, and share these with guests via your app: just make sure that you have permission to do this!

As the weeks pass, you will need to continue to deliver further content in order to keep people interested. Ideally, this would include invitations to future events, but can also incorporate links to products that your guests may find desirable, or simply news on topics of interest.

Though using an app for organizing events has many immediate advantages, your goal should be to develop an app that is genuinely useful for your customers: by doing this, you can keep them coming back for more.