5 Tips For Creating a Successful App Video Preview

Make an app video

Half of the potential users will decide whether they’ll install your app or not within the first 5 seconds of looking at your app’s page. Today, it takes more than a few screenshots in the App Store to attract users. You can’t forget about the ability to post a short video, one that effectively portrays the benefits your app can bring.

In this short guide, you’ll get five easy tips on how to create an amazing app preview video that will surely increase your downloads.

Tip 1 – Plan your video

Plan your video and what you want to include in it. Script it in the way you see it panning out. Define the video’s goal, its message to an audience, and the manner in which it will be presented.

Tip 2 – Enticing thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video preview must be enticing in order to get potential users to click on it. Regardless of the App Store, you’re posting in, this thumbnail image may be the first image users will see on your app’s page. Rightfully so, this image heavily influences your visitors’ first impressions, so make your choice wisely.

Tip 3 – Brief but informative

The video should be brief, yet informative. Showcase all the benefits and advantages of your app/game in a quick, creative manner.

Tip 4 – Structure

The video needs to make sense. Don’t forget about the structure. Random, scattered messages that have no logical flow will only deter. Prioritize what you plan to include first, what is going showcased next, etc.

Tip 5 – Sound

Use music. No, you need not buy a license from Warner Music Group. But with whatever music you decide to incorporate, confirm that you have permission to add that track first. For easy access to royalty-free tracks, check out SoundCloud’s free-to-use playlists. And if you’re doing a voice-over, test your microphone to ensure its ability to capture voice clearly.