Top 6 Most Popular APIs for Building An SEO Software

APIs for SEO

Competition is increasing day by day. No matter if you belong to the marketing or SEO software development field. And to get one step ahead of your competitors, you need to focus on providing services that solve your customers' problems.

Now, let's assume you are building an SEO software; what problems might your customers face? Some problems could be:

  • Finding the right keywords
  • Analyzing data easily
  • Finding the latest SEO trends

There are plenty of such issues faced by SEO software users. Hence to solve them, the best way is to integrate APIs while building an SEO software that fulfills or solves the issues effortlessly.

In this post we will discuss what APIs are, their uses, and the top most popular APIs for building SEO software.

What Is An API?

The full form of API is "Application Programming Interface". In simple language, the use of an API is to play the role of intermediary between two applications to talk to each other.

We can also use an API to fulfill the communication channel with other software and hardware.

Let's take an example of an application that consists of a front end and a back end, and both of these sections can be developed using different languages.

Hence, to let the back end and front end communicate, web & software developers use APIs.

How Does An API Work?

Let's assume you are working on SEO software to integrate keyword research and website analysis features. To not write the whole code from scratch and save a lot of your time as a software developer, you would re-use the pre-existing external software components, which you can either get from a friend or software websites online.

But, here's an issue. If your friend does not want to share their code with you or the software website has its code written in another language, what will you do?

The solution is to ask your friend or the software company to make an API and give the endpoints to you.

You can connect these endpoints to your SEO software and carry forward the communication process.

(An endpoint is a regular URL with the help of which you can use an API.)

Popular APIs For Building An SEO Software

Finding the right APIs to integrate into your SEO software can be a bit challenging, so here we are to help you out with our most popular API selections that you can use for building SEO software.

  1. DataForSEO Google Trends API

DataForSEO Google trends help you know how often a keyword is searched on Google within a specific time. While using this tool, we can carry forward a search based on global trends, or if you want to go very specific with a location, you can do that too.

All the responses are returned in the JSON format by default, but this Google trends API also supports responses in the XML and HTML formats. The API sends requests to google servers, and the requested parameters are sent back as an answer. The most common requested parameters are region, time interest, trending searches, related topics, top charts, and keyword suggestions.

With the help of DataForSEO Google trends API, you would be able to save a lot of time for your SEO software users, as without Google trends, it will take a lot of time to do the research.

  1. DeepCrawl API

DeepCrawl is the second API from the list that helps carry forward entire website crawls, collect the data, and send it to the client. Not just that, we can also get a lot of technical SEO data for the website.

There are several such capabilities of DeepCrawl API. You would not integrate this API by using any 3rd-party provider to help you fetch data without writing code. You would have to connect your scripts to integrate with this API.

With this API, you can easily run a live crawl on your or your customer's websites, and the best part is they offer you accurate data for better outcomes.

  1. Google Search Console API

Google Search Console API collects click and impression data, query rankings, search volumes and more.

Integrating this API with your website or SEO software is available via almost any method. Not just that, you can quickly develop custom script routes for this API.

One of the most significant advantages of integrating this API is you get Search console data availability for the last 16 months.

  1. SEMrush API

SEMrush API offers several uses: keyword data and search volume collection, domain overview, organic search keyword data, and more.

Users can easily access the data using any easy to complex method. Hence they would be able to collect the data in a CSV file.

  1. Majestic SEO API

If you want to integrate backlink data collection features into your SEO software, then Majestic SEO API is the best option for you. With the help of this API, you can get a list of backlinks for a domain or a specific page too.

You can integrate this API with your SEO software without any precise authentication, which means you can directly pass a URL request for the integration.

This is not a free API; you would have to pick up a plan based on your requirements.

  1. Ahrefs API

Here's another option for collecting backlinks data which is Ahrefs API. They have recently introduced their API to the users, and it is filled with several latest integrations to help you out.

You can integrate it quickly, and it will return the requested data in JSON format.

This was all about some of the most popular APIS for building SEO software.


Still, thinking that you can't get ahead of your competitors with your SEO software? You shouldn't. With the help of these most popular APIs integrated into your SEO software, you can make the life of your customers easy, and they're going to fall in love with your software.