Finding your iOS Device’s UDID Via iTunes

App Development

Each iOS device has a UDID, or a Unique Device Identifier – a sequence of 40 characters that are unique to each individual device.

Think of a UDID as your phone’s social security number: It’s used by developers to connect particular devices to a specific iOS Developer Account, allowing particular individuals to access and test exclusive content.

Developers typically perform a closed beta before a major release to test the functionality iOS apps on different devices. UDID’s allow devs to assess how their apps perform on particular devices in a way that’s fast, painless and secure. Before starting a beta of your own, you’ll first need to create an Apple Developer’s Account: Click here for a quick how-to!.

How to find your UDID

  • Open up the latest version of iTunes and connect your iOS device to your computer.
  • Select your iOS device by clicking the device’s image located at the upper-left corner of iTunes’s UI.
  • On the next screen, a window should appear listing your phone’s Capacity, Phone Number, and Serial Number.
  • By clicking on Serial Number once, the prompt should change to display your UDID.
  • Since your UDID will never change (on its own), copy and paste it elsewhere for quick and easy access later in the future!