1460 Broadway, New York, NY


  • Vasily Malyshev
    Founder and CEO
    Every rule
    has an exception.
    Especially this one.
  • Andrew Korbak
    VP of Strategic Planning
    Get busy living
    or get busy dying.
  • Stas Batururimi
    Chief Technology Officer
    If you are aware
    of what is required
    for self-improvement,
    but fail to act,
    this is nothing but a sin.
  • Philip Kopylov
    Lead Designer
    Designers don’t smile.
  • Rafaela Sinopoli
    UI Designer
    The first sign of maturity
    is the discovery that
    the volume knob
    also turns to the left.
  • Nolan Kier
    Project Manager
    Think and Wonder.
    Wonder and Think.
  • Jasmine Singh
    Product Manager
    The imagination
    can transform elements
    of self-insanity into self-invention,
    and you need
    to make use of this.
  • Adam Rosen
    Chief Strategist
    If I have seen
    farther than others,
    it is because I have stood
    on the shoulders
    of giants.
  • Jovan Caputo
    Business Development
    Maybe, just once,
    someone will call me “sir,”
    without adding,
    “You’re causing a scene.”
  • Kishan Patel
    Lead Backend Developer
    We are Messappians,
    we never back down.
  • Pavel Sutyrin
    Fullstack Ninja
    What do you call
    the mouse shadow
    on the second moon?
  • Kamal Mittal
    Lead iOS Developer
    The mind is restless
    and difficult to restrain,
    but it is subdued
    by practice.
  • Suresh Jagnani
    iOS Developer
    hard for what you want
    because it won’t come to you
    without a fight. You have to be strong
    and courageous and know
    that you can do anything
    you put your mind to.
  • Olga Melekhina
    Android Developer
    If the #2 pencil is the most popular,
    why is it still #2?
  • Chirag Lukhi
    iOS Developer
    Let’s build some cool apps.
    Yup, I have nothing
    to add to that.
  • Prasanth Venigalla
    iOS Developer
    Aim at heaven
    and you will get earth thrown in.
    Aim at earth
    and you get neither.