Episode 3: Microsoft, PCs, Photoshop and User Stories!

What is Microsoft doing these days?
How can you design on iPad?
Are PCs still popular?
Where should I start if I have a product idea?
Learn answers to all of those questions in this week’s episode.

Vasily Malyshev


Hello, folks!


This is our 3rd episode of 5 Minute Week and today we will talk about first thing you need to do when starting a new project and some incredible news about…



  1. Microsoft attacks.
    1. If you are our client you know we use Slack as our main communication tool. However, this might change soon. Microsoft have recently added a free plan to their communication tool called “Microsoft Teams”.
    2. The free plan supports up to 300 people, with unlimited chat massages and search.
    3. However, one of the big problems any new tool faces as how to force users to migrate from their previous tools. So it is still up in the air if Microsoft will become a serious competitor.
    4. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/12/17563710/microsoft-teams-free-version-slack-competitor
  2. Photoshop on iPad
    1. iPad is an amazing tool for almost anything. But for a long time it has been lacking a serious graphic editor that designers and photo editors can use.
    2. But looks like things are about to change as Adobe Creative Cloud Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky confirmed that the company is working on a new Photoshop version that will be available on iPad
    3. Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90202142/adobe-is-bringing-real-photoshop-to-the-ipad-possibly-in-2019?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=webfeeds
  3. More PCs
    1. PC sales are growing for the first time in six years
    2. After struggling to compete with Macs and Tablets it seems like PCs are back in business. Market research firms Gartner and IDC both estimated the growth of sales to be around 2%.
    3. Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/13/17567760/pc-sales-growth-idc-gartner-july-2018


User story.


Definition: A step-by-step guide of (any) user movement through the product.


What it needs?



  • User types


      1. A fictional character that represents a group of users with similar interests and goals.
        1. Uber: Driver & Passenger
        2. Instagram: Viewer & Publisher
        3. Seamless: Customer & Business
      2. What type of users does your app have?


  • Goals


      1. Each user has a specific goal that it wants to reach. This is why they are using your product.
      2. What goals do your users have?


  • Steps


    1. The steps user needs to make after launching your product to achieve their goal. Fewer steps is always better.
    2. What actions your users need to take to achieve their goal?



This concludes our third episode of the 5 Minute Week. Since we’re an app company we practice what we preach and this entire show was made, recorded and edited with an iPhone app. Hope you guys enjoyed it.


And remember whatever you’re currently working on don’t just be good. Be the best.


See you next week.