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  • The marketing that you do before the app is launched is very important. The fact that your app is not launched does not mean you cannot promote it. Some of the things you need to do include:

    • – Create a website with a signup form
    • – Create profiles on social media
    • – Update your subscribers and followers about the progress
    • – Have open beta tests so that other users can test the app and provide feedback.
  • Launch

    The launch of your app is perhaps the most important event in its “life”. It is important to consider your target market and choose a date during which your target market’s interest would peak. It is equally important to make sure that events of your competitors won’t still your thunder. Messapps will:

    • – Conduct research about your target market to identify peak interest periods
    • – Study your competitors to make sure your events gets the most attention
    • – Help you find a great space and organize the launch party
  • Post-Launch

    Once the app is launched we need to make sure it goes viral. Right PR and user acquisition are vital to the success of your app. We will help you get the word out there. Get media and people talk about you. We’ll help you with:

    • – Identifying which media outlets are most likely to write about you
    • – Reach out to the selected media and news outlets
    • – Use mobile advertising to acquire actual users