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APPIC is a fully online contest in which people submit their ideas, learn about app design, development and marketing and win grand prize “app developed for free by Messapps”.

Contest stages:

Initial idea

On the submission stage, contestants will have to answer the following questions about their app ideas:
1. What kind of app do they want to build?
2. What is their target audience?
3. What is the problem they are trying to solve?
4. How does their app solve this problem? What are the main features of the app?
6. What are their potential competitors? If there are competitors, how does one distinguish their product?
7. What is the monetization strategy for their app? (nonprofit ventures are welcomed, as well!)

80% of the semi-finalists will be chosen by the general public, whereas the Messapps team will choose the remaining 20% based on:
1. The explained potential of the idea;
2. Research that was done to demonstrate your ability to execute the idea;
3. Shown ability to solve a particular problem.

Wireframed prototype submission

Top contestants from the previous stage will move on to the semi-finals. Semi-finalists are expected to submit wireframes and a “Guide” explaining their product in a detailed way.

As part of the contest, Messapps will have several webinars that will teach how to create wireframes and prepare a Guide. Messapps will also have office hours that the participants will be able to signup for to get help with their wireframes.

Finalists will be selected by the Messapps team based on the following criteria of the wireframes created:
1. Overall quality;
2. Missed screens;
3. Missed buttons;
4. How easy it is for the user to understand what the app does;
5. How convenient the flow is for the user;
6. Whether Guide description is clear and complete.

Final designed prototype with a growth plan

In the first stage of the finals, participants would be to create a designed prototype. Finalists will need to submit a prototype with at least ten designed screens and video walkthrough of their prototype.

The prototypes created will be judged by the general public through an online tournament.

The Grand Finale will be held in the late December 2019. In the Grand Finale, the four best finalists will pitch their idea to a panel of judges made from successful entrepreneurs and investors. The judges will then vote and choose the winner of the contest.

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What is APPic?

Appic is an app development contest organized by Messapps. One of the top app development agencies in the nation.

Starting from 2016, Messapps organized a similar competition with New York University, one of the top universities in the nation, as its general partner. Though the contest was mainly open to NYU students, each there were hundreds of participants!

In 2019, we’ve decided to create a new contest. And this time, we are opening it to the entire world! Whether you come from New Zealand or New York — you’ve got a chance to get your app developed FOR FREE! Sign up via the form below to join the contest, learn more about how to create a successful app, and win the grand prize!

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Based in New York, we are a unique blend of creative designers, tech savvy developers and awesome project managers.

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